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'wake me up tuesday' (organic blend)

$15.00 - $46.00
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'wake me up tuesday' is our all organic blend created using three speciality beans roasted to the edge of medium but not dark to keep the characteristics of dark chocolate, a touch of fruit and spice, fisnishing with sugar flavours of toffee and caramel.



The higher altitudes and lower temperatures produce a slower maturing fruit and a harder, denser bean, and are thus more desirable. Nicaragua has long been known as an excellent coffee growing region. It has varied coffee growing regions, but most are quite high in elevation, producing an excellent cup.


Peru with extremely high altitudes and fertile soils, the country’s smallholder farmers also produce some stunning specialty coffees. The warm days and cool nights from their farms' locations at 1,200 to 1,600 meters above sea level, creates ideal conditions for growing dense, sweet beans.


The Chimbu Province in Papua New Guinea is on the slopes of the mountainous region of Gunagnni in the SineSine district at altitudes of 1600 - 1800m. Simbu, officially spelled Chimbu, is a Highlands Region province in Papua New Guinea. . Simbu in the local dialect really means Sipuuuu, which means "thank you".