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about us

At those little voices our ethos is to create, connect and enjoy…

October 2020, we opened our doors to the roastery,  steeped beverages with BREW bar (coming soon) to picturesque Tamborine Mountain.

those little voices have created a range of blends, single origins and recipes to savour, and can’t wait for you to sample and share.

Whether it’s hanging with friends, planning your next move or tackling your dreams head on, we want you to embrace our motto 

be free … be you … be different …

Without giving too much away, our beans and beverages are a blend of where east meets west, or where two worlds collide with the art of Japanese Micro Roasting and New Orleans inspired steeped brews.

My love of the small batch roaster scene ignited when my wife and I took a trip to Japan.  As we love travelling and getting off the beaten track we heard of this roaster operating out of an apartment in OYAMAZAKI, a small town located in Kyoto Prefecture.

So GPS in hand off we went, thinking big city, looking for signage we were about to give up when we saw a piece of filter paper with OPEN on it and a business card taped to a door.

Through the door we went and for the next 3 hrs our senses and taste buds were awakened.

So I would like to say thank you to a few JAPANESE roasters who have inspired me and put me on the road to find my own little piece of heaven.

OYAMAZAKI coffee roasters - KYOTO


Clamp Coffee Sarsa - KYOTO

Mel Coffee Roasters - OSAKA

GLITCH Coffee Roaster - TOKYO

From selection of the green bean, roasting profiles and brewing methods, roasting in small batches allows for the ultimate in freshness and flavours.

those little voices offers two signature blends ‘over the moon’ and ‘if only’

But if you love your singles, those little voices at any one time we have at least 5 singles to choose under the ‘i’m single’ label to wrap your taste buds around.

those little voices steeped beverages are not complicated but we can assure you they won’t be boring.

So where ever you roam, what ever you do, give it your all.

be free … be you … be different …

FOUNDR - brad