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nightwalker (blend)

$15.00 - $46.00
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'nightwalker' is one to satisfy the all nighters. One cup of this jitter liquid and you'll be going for buzzing all day. This blend of our strongest beans is not for the faint hearted.

Big and bold flavours of dark chocolate, anzac cookies, butter and molasses with aromas of leather and cedar. 

This coffee is dangerous, you won't be able to stop atjust one.


Sumatra Mandheling
Mandheling coffee is an arabica coffee originating from the Mandailing area, near Bukit Barisan Mountains, North Sumatra. It is named after the Mandailing people that traditionally farmed and processed the coffee beans in the Tapanuli region.

Ethiopia Lekempti 

                Lekepmti coffee is grown in western Ethiopia, in Wollegga region, bordering The Sudan.

                    The coffee is processed in both methods of – washed and natural. 

                    The elevation of the coffee goes from 1400 to over 2000 masl.

Indian Cherry
India has a reputation for being leaders in producing high quality Robusta beans. This Robusta is best suited for espresso blending as it brings strength, spice and an aroma of fruited complexities.