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Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (microlot, single)

$16.00 - $46.00
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Tasting notes - Grape juice, raisin, apple acidity, balanced with brown sugar, full body with milk chocolate and malt
Region - Halo Bariti rural village
Altitude - 1900 - 1950 meters
Process method - Natural


Single Producer: Niguse Jilo. 

Niguse is a second generation farmer whose farm is located in Halo Bariti rural village. The area is relatively new with less than 40 years of coffee cultivation.

The coffee cherries are sundried on raised beds. It usually takes between 17-21 days to dry to an acceptable moisture level of around 11% in volume depending on weather conditions during the period. In November however, it takes longer due to the increase in wet weather and overall moisture present during the rainy season.

As this is a single producer lot, it isn’t really feasible to engage in community development of significant scale. However, Niguse Jilo’s improvement on his farm practices, such as yield improvement and quality improvement, have set an example for other farmers in the area.