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Mountain Top Estate (Australian, single)

$16.00 - $46.00
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Tasting notes - fruity, cocoa and dark chocolate
Region - Nimbin, Byron Bay Hinterland
Altitude -  1450 metres
Process method - natural and washed

Mountain Top Estate is located in the mountains above Nimbin in the Byron Bay Hinterland. Their single origin coffee possesses unique qualities owing to our low altitude, volcanic soil, and topography.

Coffee grown in our region is typically Kenyan (K7) Arabica, which is renowned for its sweetness, chocolate notes and abundant fruitiness. These qualities are enhanced due to the slow ripening that occurs in our low latitude region. Mountain Top Estate coffee is naturally grown and pesticide free.

Mountain Top estate grow 100% Arabica K7 variety and enables them to produce specialty grade coffee that has gained fame worldwide.