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India Tiger Mountain (single)

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Tasting notes - Bright citric acid and a juicy smooth body. Hazelnuts, caramel and cocoa to finish.
Region - Baba Budangiris
Altitude - 1000 - 1500 metres process
Method - Fully Washed
Varietal - Selection 795, Selection 9 and Cauvery


Tiger Mountain has been specially selected for its varietal and altitude classifications. It is grown under shade trees in the Bababudan Giris region in India.

Bababudan Giris is a range of mountains in the Western Ghats of the country. The area is named after a 16th century Sufi poet, Baba Budan, to whom there is a dedicated shrine in the region that is frequently visited by both Muslim and Hindu pilgrims.

Baba Budan is said to have been the first to introduce coffee to India after bringing the crop from Africa.All coffee in India is cultivated under a well-defined two-tier mixed shade canopy, comprising evergreen and leguminous trees.

Nearly 50 different types of shade trees are found in coffee plantations. Shade trees prevent soil erosion on a sloping terrain; they enrich the soil by recycling nutrients from deeper layers, protect the coffee plant from seasonal fluctuations in temperature, and play host to diverse flora and fauna.