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Costa Rica SHB Coopetarrazu Tirra (microlot, single)

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Tirra Estate Red Honey Microlot

Tasting notes - Juicy sweet cup with notes of nectarine, hazelnut and milk chocolate.
                        Rounded acidity and body linger in a vanilla and cream finish
Region - San Marcos, Tarrazu
Altitude - 1500 - 1600 metres
Process method - Honey 


Tirra Estate is owned by Coopetarrazu and was purchased to conduct coffee research and microlot production. More than 60 percent of the 100ha farm is dedicated to coffee production.

The Tarrazu region is a rural community noted throughout the world for its traditional values and leadership is growing fine coffees. It is one the world's most famous regions for coffee cultivation.

Optimum soil and climate, paired with highly skilled and experienced producers, make for ideal cultivating conditions. Coopetarrazu cooperative islocated in the heart of the Tarrazu region and is dedicated to promoting environmentally sustainable farming practices in the community.

They have implemented a 'Coffee, Culture, Quality of Life' Sustainability plan to track their environmental impact, implement better practices, and create aculture of environmental respect among members and children.

Through this program Coopetarrazu offer free seeds and soil analyses to its members, allowing farmers to undertake reforestation and understand how topography and surrounding ecosystems impact their soil.