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Colombian Supremo Pensilvania (microlot, single)

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Tasting notes - Buttery body carries notes of caramel and milk chocolate. Rounded blackcurrant and stone fruit acidity lingers.
Region - Pensilvania, Department of Caldas
Altitude - 1500 to 1800 meters
Process method - Washed
Varietal - Caturra


"Supremo" is a term applied to a grade of Colombian exportable coffee based on the size of the beans as assessed prior to export. As a result, a singletree can produce more than one grade, and the system is therefore unrelated to varietal, cupping profile, or exclusive region. Supremo beans are quite larger.

This particular coffee was grown in the Pensilvania region in the mountainous department of Caldas in Colombia. Colombia boasts more than half a million coffee farmers producing anywhere from 10 to 25 bags on 870,000 hectares, with many lots as small as 50kg.

There are very few estate coffees, sixty percent of Colombian coffee farmers cultivate their trees on less than one hectare of land. Most of the coffee shippedfrom Colombia is a blend of the production from 50 or more individual farms.

While this situation is typical of cooperatives in other coffee producing
countries, it is unusual, and on Colombia's scale, unique for it to be the dominant method.

Coffee farming in Colombia is, to put it quite simply, woven into the fabric of everyday life.