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Brazil Sítio Santa Terezinha - (microlot experimental, single)

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Tasting notes - rich plum, cascara and date fruit moveto soft green melon and banana.Smooth silky body leaves a coating mouthfeel finish with chocolate andnutty notes.
Region - Mantiqueira Mountains,Brazil
Altitude - 2,798 metres
Process method - natural and washed


This coffee comes from the acclaimed Christina micro-climate deep in the Mantiqueira Mountains of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

With only 3x 30Kg nitrogen-modified atmosphere vacuum sealed boxes available, Those Little Voices secured one.

Produced by father and son duo Mr Sebastião and Mr Helisson Afonso da Silva Afonso on their small farm Sítio Santa Terazinha, named after Sebasião’s wife and Helisson’s mother. The Sítio is one of 5 small farms the family owns and operates in the area, and is closely related to their multi-Cup of Excellence award winning farm, Sítio Baixadão.

The post-harvest process started with washing, floating and removing impurities as well as defective cherries. From this we then added farm grown mangoes, oranges, sugarcane and mint, as well as a different varietal of mango, passionfruit and cinnamon to the coffee cherries to be fermented.

The coffee cherries started at around 28 BRIX and 6.6 Ph level. The fermentation was controlled at 20 degrees Celsius in airtight oxygen-free barrels, or otherwise known as Carbonic Maceration.

The fermentation inside the barrels lasted 96 hours or exactly 4 days before the fermentation was finished and the coffee was laid to rest on drying patios protected by a greenhouse. The remaining BRIX within the coffee was 22 and they had a Ph level of 5.4. The coffee took 3 weeks to dry before being rested inside grain-pro lined supersacks on the farm for several weeks.